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Dream Chronicles - a world beyond the wildest imagination

Originally developed for the PC, Hudson’s Dream Chronicles will now be available for purchase on the Japanese PlayStation Store and XBOX Live as of the 28th of this month. While it may indeed seem out of place, this mouse-assisted adventure assumes many of the traditional features that were made emblematic by the genre, from restrained exploration of spaces to the solving of puzzles or finding of hidden objects. The player assumes the role of Fay, a woman tormented by her vanished husband who only left behind a few notes on a book telling the account of a strange mysterious dream land. Virtually unheard of, this adventure allows two players to join online for a shared dream experience.

Dream Chronicles is an interesting and refreshing title in the context of console gaming, specifically brought to these platforms on account of their popularity in Japan, which also allowed the developers to refine the game engine to a grade of quality that would not be supported by the average Japanese PC. Most of all, it presents a rather confusing contrast between its conventional western design and some unique features: its tone, to begin with, carrying a vague reminiscence of early Syngergy adventures such as Yellow Brick Road or even Dokioki). This contrast is not entirely new, however, as I got the exact same sensation upon playing the that overlooked Hudson gem that is Rooms. Perhaps the presentation trailer will aid me in explaining this subtlety.

[ Source: Official Dream Chronicles website]