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In Laughter, the Spirituous Dream/In Lunacy, the Savage Dream

LSD Lovely Sweet Dream is possibly the most important videogame-related book you’ve never heard of.

When conducting his research for a daring new videogame project, Osamu Sato (whose face in green is omnipresent whenever you visit Eastern Mind) established contact with dozens of his colleagues and fellow artists suggesting an awkward proposal. Upon requesting a detailed textual description and a free visual composition of a particular dream that might have affected or stimulated each of these individuals during their lives, Sato employed these oneiric experiences as raw material for his groundbreaking project: the aptly titled LSD Dream Emulator.

The Escape of the Lions, by Ko Chihara

Known only to an elite of videogame players, researchers and collectors, LSD consists of a three-part release where, aside from the Asmik Ace PlayStation title from 1998, a sound montage CD featuring original compositions from Sato (remixed by Ken Ishii) and this book were also present. As is the case of most Osamu Sato items, regardless of their format, only a few copies were placed on the market.

Across its two-hundred colorful pages, this rare album boasts a series of visual compositions, ranging from humorous to the bizarre or grotesque, along with descriptions of the dream from where the concept derived - propitiously written in both Japanese and English. Embracing a decade of collected data, this volume holds the intimate reveries of near 80 personalities including renowned visual artists Kazuko Tsuji or Andrew Boerger, award-winning composer Ryuichi Sakamoto, to videogame design icon Kazutoshi Iida of ArtDink and Param fame.

The following illustrations are the result of many nights of amiable dreams and disturbed sleep. Given the fact that Osamu Sato made use of these materials throughout design process of the game they might, therefore, be instantly recognizable to anyone who is already familiar with the full extension of LSD’s dynamic virtual landscape. It is my belief that very few people have actually seen what you’re about to.

Meigetsu-So Apartment Became a Big Reinforced Concrete Building, and I’m Stealing Some Wine, by Kazuko Tsuji

He Was Hope, by Yoko Tanaka

Chinatown Kyoto, by Osamu Sato & OUT ASS MAO

The Chase, by Hirosuke “Amore” Ueno

Oysters With Eyes, by Muddy Uehara

A Revolution, by Tres Amigos

An Odd Park Where Gardeners Plant Flowers, by Kimie Kikuchi

The Boy Who Fell, by Takato Yamamoto

Bizarre People, by Umi Hagitani

A Daydream, by Kei Matsushita

Cats Coming Home, by Kaoru Motomiya

Frail Lives, by Yukinori Tokoro

Kyoto, by Shinya Fukatsu

Architectural Stone Statues Become Running Monsters, by d’Holbachie-yoko

Gaming Experience, by Robot Megastore

Red Hotel, by Kirito Ookita

The Sky With a Floating Cube and a Dining Table, by AGES5&UP

Unusual Collective Residences, by Akira Sorimachi

The Turtle, by Suzy Amakane

A Wet Old Man and a Basin, by Jun Tsuzuki

The Death of the Dog on the Bus, by Yasuo Fujimoto

A World I Know, by Hideyasu Moto